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The Final Sweep Cleaning is your trusted partner in Marietta, GA, dedicated to providing top-notch cleaning services. As a women and minority-owned business, we take pride in our 20 years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry. Our team is committed to excellence, offering 24/7 commercial cleaning services to meet your needs anytime. We’ve covered you, whether it’s an office, educational facility, data center, parking lot, retail shop, residential space, construction site, daycare, or restaurant. Our diverse team speaks Spanish and operates locally, ensuring personalized and efficient service. We uphold transparency and trust, offering complimentary estimates to all our clients. Opt for our services to ensure a pristine environment that mirrors your dedication to cleanliness.

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Our residential and commercial cleaners stand out with unparalleled dedication and expertise. Embracing diversity, our women and minority-owned business brings over two decades of cleaning experience to your doorstep. Fluent in Spanish and operating locally in Marietta, GA, we offer round-the-clock services tailored to your unique needs. Opting for The Final Sweep Cleaning means choosing reliability, quality, and a personalized approach to cleanliness.

Comprehensive Services

From offices to daycares, our wide range of services ensures every nook and cranny shines. We're equipped to handle any cleaning challenge, offering specialized solutions for every space.

Around-the-Clock Availability

Never worry about cleaning emergencies again. Our team is ready 24/7 to tackle any mess, ensuring your space is pristine at all hours. We always focus on ensuring your satisfaction in every project.

Experienced and Trustworthy Team

With two decades in the cleaning industry, our expertise is unmatched. Our dedicated professionals deliver excellence in every cleaning, bringing reliability to each job.

Local Commitment

We're deeply invested in the community as a locally operated cleaning specialty. We understand the unique needs of Marietta, GA, offering personalized and efficient cleaning solutions right at your doorstep.


Keaton Clayton is a visionary entrepreneur whose creative thinking and unwavering commitment have made a lasting impression on the cleaning industry. At the age of 26, Keaton started his own firm, Final Sweep Cleaning, which has grown to be a household name in the cleaning industry thanks to its excellence and dependability.

Keaton showed an early interest in cleanliness and a keen eye for detail. He was deeply impressed with the value of a clean environment as a child by watching his parents take great care of their house. His subsequent foray into the cleaning sector would be based on this early influence.

Equipped with an unwavering drive for success and a robust work ethic, he established Final Sweep Cleaning in 2021. Keaton started off with simply a small group of committed cleaners and a limited number of clients, with the goal of revolutionizing the cleaning process for both commercial and residential settings.

Keaton led Final Sweep Cleaning to rapid recognition for its outstanding service and meticulous attention to detail. Keaton distinguished itself from its rivals by its hands-on approach and dedication to customer satisfaction, winning the respect and allegiance of customers throughout the area.

Keaton continues to be actively involved in his community, sponsoring neighborhood projects and volunteering wherever he can, even outside of his business pursuits. Keaton is still dedicated to changing people’s life for the better, whether it be through mentoring initiatives, volunteer work, or charity contributions.

Keaton Clayton is proud of Final Sweep Cleaning’s achievements and anticipates the company’s ongoing expansion and success in the years to come as he reflects on his experience working for the company. Keaton Clayton is a true visionary in the cleaning profession, having left his mark with his unshakable dedication to excellence and his love for innovation.

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Our Outstanding Cleaning Solutions

Office Cleaning

Premier Office Cleaning Services in Atlanta. As a dependable partner for keeping offices spotless, we are experts in careful and thorough cleaning catered to the unique needs of Atlanta businesses. With our committed office cleaning services in Atlanta, you can boost your company's reputation and promote a positive work environment.

Education Facility Cleaning

Specializing in education facilities, we create clean, safe spaces for learning and growth. Our team sanitizes classrooms, common areas, and playgrounds, using child-safe products to ensure a healthy environment for students and staff.

Data Center Cleaning

Data centers require careful attention to avoid contamination and equipment damage. Our expert cleaners use specialized techniques and equipment to ensure your data center remains dust-free and operational, safeguarding your critical infrastructure.

Parking Lot Cleaning

Our services include sweeping, litter removal, and spot cleaning, ensuring a welcoming and safe entry point for clients and employees and enhancing your property's curb appeal.

Retail Shop Cleaning

Our retail cleaning services help create a pristine shopping environment, attracting more customers and enhancing their shopping experience. We prioritize high-traffic areas and fitting rooms, ensuring that every corner embodies your brand's commitment to excellence.

Residential Cleaning

Turn your home into a sanctuary with our professional residential cleaning services. From deep cleaning to routine maintenance, our team treats your space carefully, using eco-friendly products to ensure a healthy, sparkling, clean home for you and your family.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore this section to find answers about our cleaning services. These questions provide clear, straightforward information to help you understand what to expect and how we can meet your cleaning needs.

Absolutely! We always capitalize on using eco-friendly products to ensure a healthy environment.

We offer flexible scheduling options for our services, including daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or one-time cleanings tailored to suit your specific needs.

Certainly, we have the flexibility to schedule cleaning sessions during or after business hours to minimize disruption to your operations.

We have specialized cleaning procedures for data centers and other sensitive areas to prevent damage and contamination.

We utilize safe cleaning products for children and adhere to strict safety protocols to ensure a secure environment.

Our residential cleaning services encompass dusting, cleaning, etc., all customized to meet your specific requirements.


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Best Residential and Commercial Cleaners in Marietta, GA
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Our team stands out with round-the-clock service, ensuring cleanliness whenever you need it. We’re a minority-owned business with bilingual Spanish-speaking staff. Rooted in Marietta, GA, we offer eco-friendly solutions, tailored services, and prioritize safety. Our professionals are dedicated to quality and swift responses, making us a reliable choice.

27/4 Available Cleaning Solutions: Maintaining Your Health Every Season

At The Final Sweep Cleaning, we’re here for you every hour of every day, ensuring your spaces are clean and healthy no matter the season. Our 24/7 availability means we’re always ready to tackle any cleaning challenge, providing peace of mind and a pristine environment year-round. We adapt our cleaning solutions to meet the changing needs of each season, safeguarding your health and well-being. Trust us to keep your environment spotless, supporting your health and comfort through all seasons.